Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big things . . .

I’ve alluded to a lot going on around here.

We have two BIGGGGG new projects in store for this summer:



House plans!   We are building a new house!



A new baby!  In my tummy!!!!!!!!

(Sorry about the horrible picture quality—more details to come.)


Genevieve said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh how exciting!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!! Please share more details soon and congratulations!

Bethany said...

Congratulations!!! Both a new baby and a new house! So exciting!

JG said...

Okay I tried SO hard to leave a comment yesterday, but my phone just couldn't hack it but ANYWAY... what a beautiful U/S pic! Now I'm kinda jealous I don't have any of those :) I just feel way too emotional about that image... I am sending love vibes to your amazing, incredible, beautiful new little human life and of course lots of love vibes to you and your incredible, amazing, beautiful body that has made and is sustaining this new life... can we get some preggo photos soon, please?? :) And of course the house news is just awesome too... the plans look somewhat similar to your current layout? What are some of the big changes that are in store? Congratulations to you and Brad and Joseph for all of the wonderful changes coming to you in 2013!

Anonymous said...

I guess spelling corrections aren't really the most important thing here: congratulations again to all and for all your 'big things.'


Meredith said...

Ah! Ah! Ah! I'm soooooo thrilled for you guys! What a wonderful summer to look forward to! I hope you are feeling well and having a blast designing a space just for your precious family.

Ruth said...

Thanks all! Very exciting. The new house is going to be pretty much the same as our current one (which Brad built 9 years ago)--so far the only changes are 2 feet bigger each dimension, 3 bedrooms upstairs, downstairs bath and laundry a little smaller, upstairs bath and closets bigger. We keep it pretty simple around here! I'm glad you liked the image JG, I feel like they always look a bit alien-ish ;-) I have a couple pics, but not much. Still waiting for a really big tummy!