Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer fun list

Planning this summer is super stressful—I am trying to cram as much in as possible before this baby gets here (whenever that is).  Plus I have to work a set amount—3 days a week—to keep my benefits (which is obviously quite important right now).  I get a bit emotional about these last days with just Joseph.  It is so easy to go do all this stuff now and very hard to imagine doing it all with baby.  I know we will adjust and it is for the best, but I still want to give Joseph some awesome memories!  Of course I may have to revise my plans a bit if something changes with this pregnancy, but so far so good.

  • Camp Kookamunga—”big kid” camp that looks very fun!  This is the first summer that Joseph has been in school and therefor not accounted for for the summer months.  After looking around quite a bit (there are not many options around here) we decided on 4 weeks of the recreation department camp.  It is on the expensive side, but looks like a blast.  Joseph and I are both a bit nervous about it, since it is a new adventure, and Joseph doesn’t quite understand why his best buds cant attend with him, but I think it will work out!
  • fun times with grandparents for Joseph
  • and some time, when not at camp, with his favorite baby sitters Sophie and Lily!
  • Pirate Festival at Maritime Museum
  • camp at Branbury State Park
  • work on the new house!!!
  • July 4th parade and festivities
  • family parties—including Nora’s
  • swim lessons for J
  • new, healthy foods
  • visit a museum or two—Echo, Montshire, Sheldon, Rokeby, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Museum
  • berry picking
  • BEACH!!!!!
  • get ready for baby—material stuff, find a doula, maybe a counselor, prepare emotionally, think about baby’s new room, decide on a name, set up as much as help as possible for after baby is born . . .
  • veggie garden??  not sure if this is going to happen
  • hike!
  • Addison County Field Days
  • festival-on-the-green
  • free entertainment at the library 
  • boat ride
  • limit TV for J and computer time for me 
  • go to the movies
  • see live music with J
  • stay home and do “nothing”
  • craft nights and/or game night with my awesome ladies
  • catch up with old friends, new friends, and family
  • with J: crafts, learning, nature . . .
  • read lots with J, and visit the library every week
  • read my own books
  • Circus Smirkus
  • visit state parks and historic sites
  • maybe a craft or two for baby?
  • think about my career/ school next steps
  • clean, organize, beautify the house—room by room deep cleaning and organizing
  • lots of family time!
  • get more photos printed and do something with all the old ones and all J’s accumulating art projects from the past . . .
  • work on getting a list of all important dates (bdays, etc) and system for staying on top of them
  • track finances/cut bills
  • exercise 4 times a week (walking, swimming, yoga)
  • go to a baseball game
  • go fishing
  • Echo lake? Not likely this summer, but sometime…
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    Anonymous said...

    Nice list. I'd like to do some of that with you.