Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bday parties!

May 2nd I turned 30 and May 6th Joseph turning 6!  We had a big family BBQ to celebrate both of our birthdays one Saturday and then the next Joseph had a kids bday party.  Lots of fun—though I am still not to sure about the whole turning 30 thing…

Pics from the family BBQ:


Kids playing


My two grandmas and Bob


Brad cooking—he did a lot of the work and cooking!  Yay!


Actual sunshine.  We had a huge string of hot weather and for the first year I didn’t even have to worry about it raining on our party!


Cooking away!


We ended up with about 30 people—a way big party for us!


So fun to see everyone!


Waking each other with pool noodles was a popular activity.  I did not plan that.


Baseball bday cake!  I missed the whole blowing out of the candles (Joseph was throwing a fit about something and we were a bit delayed—but he got over it pretty quickly!).


Awww—love my cousins (and cousin-in-law?)




It was a fun party and it feels that every year Brad and I get a bit better at pulling this off.

And pictures from Joseph’s kiddo party at Whirlie’s World (our local family fun place with arcade games, pizza, bouncy houses, laser-tag, etc..).



A little hard to tell, but 5 out of the 6 kids in Joseph’s class came plus some siblings and other friends. 


My cake!  SOOO MUCH WORK.  Since I didn’t have to do much in the way of decorating and preparing I decided to make an elaborate cake Brad and Joseph had seen on Facebook and really liked.  The cake was called “Reese’s Overload.”


Basically, a layer of peanut butter blondies, then chocolate frosting, the chocolate cheese cake, chocolate frosting, another blondie, all covered in peanut butter frosting, with Reese's on top and chocolate and peanut butter chips on the side.  It was the richest, heaviest cake ever.  Seriously.  I could barely lift it!


Pinata!  No where to hang it so we used Brad.


More presents!! 


Another fun party!  And I’m glad it’s all done.  Well, actually we aren’t done celebrating—tomorrow is Brad’s bday!

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JG said...

You are a CAKE PSYCHO! WOW! I wish I could have been at Joseph's party just for the cake! Well, and maybe to whack at a pinata that Brad was holding... haha... I hope he wasn't injured! Looks like tons of fun. Your baking skills are amazing... you're so out of my league that I don't have to worry about comparing to you ;D Yay! And congrats on becoming a grown-up 30 year old, you old lady! ;D