Friday, May 24, 2013

Weeks 26 & 27


Weeks 26&27 update-5/23/13

How big is baby? The size of a rutabaga. What? No idea how big a rutabaga is, so I checked: 13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 pounds.

Appointment Updates: Just had an appointment today. Dr. said I am on to every two week appointments now which is very exciting for me! I love appointments and the fact that I am getting closer . . .

Best Moment of the week: I am sooo excited to be in the third trimester, seven months along, and to have reached “the age viability.” It just seems unbelievable to me that I am this far along. I still feel surprised that I am even pregnant! A woman in the online “due date club” I sometimes frequent had her baby last week and he is ok! Amazing to think.

Sleep: Sleeping good. Yay! Oh, actually I had a couple nights of not sleeping well because I got a really bad cold, which is kind of weird for me since I don’t usually get sick. It was mostly a bad sore throat, for which I normally would take lot of medicine and cough drops, but I am too nervous for any of that. Anyways, all better now!

Food aversions: Nope.

Food cravings: I realized that lemon is my favorite. I have made homemade lemonade twice and love it, and usually order lemonade for a drink at restaurants. And I treated myself to a can of lemon curd at the store last time I went shopping. Yum!

Symptoms:  Big and hot. Luckily the weather has been a bit cooler. My thermostat seems to be set high. I also just realized I am getting quite large. I think my stomach is probably about where it was at week 33 or 34 last time. And I got pretty huge last time. This time my stomach doesn’t seem as round and symmetrical and I think my belly button might pop out, which never happened last time. I also had two random people tell me I was very big and that they were surprised I wasn’t due until August. Though people say all sorts of different things and some say how close I am getting—which I LOVE. I’m not too worried about the size of my tummy though, I think it’s pretty much going to get huge one way or another and it’s a good cause!

Maternity clothes: No question. Though I continue to try and stretch (literally) my wardrobe by wearing non-maternity shirts (like the one in the picture), but probably a bad idea. I am really hoping to get time to go to Burlington to buy myself some maternity clothes. I told myself that this pregnancy I wouldn’t be as cheap as last time and would buy myself some clothes, but I still haven’t made time to go shopping.

Weight: 21 pounds. At my appointment though my Dr. was very encouraging; she said I am doing fine with my weight. I am trying really hard to be healthy, but I think I just gain a lot pregnant and am also trying not to worry about it too much. Really looking forward to the nursing diet—hopefully it works as well as last time!

Mommy movement: Ok: some walking and one yoga class. Still could do better. Get on it Ruth!

Baby movement: Lots and lots. All over the place. So wish I could know what baby is doing in there!

Gender: ?????

What I miss: Not being humongous.

What I am looking forward to: Healthy baby!!

Getting ready for baby: Not much. A family at work has been giving me all their gender neutral baby clothes. I forgot to mention last time that I did a super awesome deep clean of half the down-stairs and am hoping to continue and do the whole house before baby arrives. I count this as getting ready for baby and for moving! However, I seem to have a lot different concept of what a baby needs then other people. I don’t think a baby really needs much stuff. Though it does need a name eventually I suppose ;-)

Next appointment: Two weeks!

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JG said...

Yaaaayyyy! A preggo update! :) What a great pic... you ARE getting big! Definitely looking pregnant now. :) You look so cute! I hope that it works out that the girls and I can come to VT this July when I can see you when you are SUPER big! ;D
GO TREAT YOURSELF TO SOME CLOTHES, GIRL! Your 3rd tri is going to fly by, and you will be grateful for cute, comfortable clothes when you are feeling hot and hormonal and nothing else makes you happy. ;D