Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baseball, new house progress, Gigi visit and more: Early May

We have had  A LOT going on lately.  Mostly good—minus a cold that kicked my butt.  However, with all our busyness my photography definitely takes a back seat.  Plus I am a bit reserved and don’t like getting in front of everyone to get pictures at big events like baseball practices and games. I’m thinking if the weather holds out I will try to get some closer up pics, but for now this is what I have.


More baseball practice.


Riding on the back of the tractor to the new house.


Finishing up the new garage.


Another baseball practice—this time Gigi and grandfather Bob watched a bit.


Opening an early bday present from Gigi after baseball practice at an awesome dinner at the Shoreham Inn.  It was especially awesome because we sat on the deck and the kids ran around! What a way to enjoy dinner.  There aren’t many pictures of Gigi’s visit, but it was just as much fun as always.  Thanks for coming up to Vermont Gigi!!!  Glad we had some nice balmy weather for you.


Love the shine of the brand new leaves.


Starting the new house!  This pictures shows the installation of the radiant heat system.  This is a major difference between our existing house and the new one.  Pretty excited about it!


Visit to a little carnival in Middlebury!  This was a perfect reward for Joseph after putting up with me cleaning for our big party all day.


Another dinner out with Gigi and grandpa Bob.  We like to try out lots of restaurants and return to old favorites when Gigi visits.


New garage, mostly complete!


First baseball game!  They did SUCH A GOOD job.  Seriously.  We played Cornwall and for some reason Shoreham was way more prepared.  Maybe it’s because there are only nine players so they get lots of practice! 


He loves to hit!  He does quite well too, though he definite has a ways to go on understanding the intricacies of the game (of which there are a lot).   Actually his very first at bat he hit the ball, then forgot to run.  Luckily his hit was good enough and their fielding bad enough he still made it to first.  He also much prefers hitting to fielding, but hopefully as he learns about the game he will get more into being in the field. 


House progress.


Things happen FAST with Brad. I wish I had half his motivation.  This was all accomplished while still working his normal 5 or 6 long days a week and almost all by himself.  As of now the house is roofed and papered!

Next I will go through all the Bday party pictures…

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JG said...

Wow, wow, wow! YOU have so much excitement in your life!!! The radiant heat sounds awesome, and what amazing progress on the new house! SO exciting! Love the baseball and Gigi pics too, and the carnival looks so cute and fun! I love the pic of Joseph taking aim... he looks like a natural. I guess he'll probably never be a vegetarian... unless Sophia can convert him. Haha! You are having a busy spring. I hope that you get all the busyness out of your system so you can start taking it easy around August! ;) NEED BELLY PICS NOW!