Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weeks 24 & 25


Weeks 24&25 update-5/9/13

How big is baby?
The size of a cauliflower. (Kind of weird—the week before said cantaloupe).

Appointment Updates: We had an appointment about two weeks ago, but nothing much happens at appointment right now. Weight, blood pressure, answer questions, measure the tummy, and listen to the heartbeat. The Dr. was pretty awesome with Joseph and let him operate the doopler to listen to the heartbeat which was very touching. He loved it—so much so he forgot to complain about not knowing the gender. I think the heartbeat was 154, but not exactly sure.

Best Moment of the week: Probably our family birthday party! It was beautiful weather, a lot of family made it, and I loved having everyone together

Sleep: Mostly sleeping well, though if I am stressed about something (some work stress and a little about putting on parties) I end of having trouble sleeping, which is not normal for me. A couple of times I have awoke at about three and not been able to go back to sleep. It is very frustrating when it happens!

Food aversions: Not a one. Funny how that changed! My gag reflex is totally back to normal (which means I don’t really have one). This is good for my life since I deal with lots grossness (compost, cat puke, baby poop, spit-up, etc. . .).

Food cravings: All food! I eat a ton of fruit because I am always hungry. ehhh

Symptoms:  Getting big, and using the bathroom a lot. I feel like I have to pee all the time. Also acne. Major boo. Oh and I think I am extra hot all the time. We have had extremely hot weather (for May in Vermont—70s and 80s with intense sun) and I was not a fan at all. I don’t really like super hot weather to begin with and I have hardly any summery clothes that fit. Not fun. Oh, and my feet even got a little swollen, which never happened last time. L

Maternity clothes: Definitely. I actually have kept wearing non-maternity clothes, especially lately because it has been so hot and I don’t have very many summery maternity clothes. But I think it is time to give up on most non-maternity clothes. I wore a shirt yesterday that I see now did not fit. Mistake.

Weight: Not good. Up about 18 pounds. I was so good in the beginning and now it is just booming.

Mommy movement: Not as good. I got really busy with all the birthday stuff going on and haven’t made it a priority. Also it was so hot I bailed on walks at work, though I still snuck in a few.

Baby movement: Still comes and goes, but very busy today! Like hours of movement today. It is really funny sometimes trying to put kids to sleep at work and this baby is kick, kick, kicking away. There is one little girl at work who obsesses with my baby and will do pretty much anything to be able to be with me (which is useful since she can be very challenging). I can also watch my tummy move now!

Gender: Still a mystery. I’ve gotten some carrying high comments lately (traditionally carrying higher is thought to indicate a girl), but there is also no question that many things about this pregnancy are very similar to last time (might indicate boy) such as my humongous-ness and acne. I don’t have any strong intuition as to what it is.

What I miss: EATING THE DOUGH WHILE BAKING. So frustrating to bake and not be able to indulge. Seriously, it’s torture!

What I am looking forward to: Bigger, stronger, healthier baby. Another appointment. Getting closer to the end.

Getting ready for baby: Haven’t done much more lately. I did attend one childbirth class and am talking with a potential doula. I did start a list of what I am looking for. But it only has two things: moby wrap and co-sleeper. And I’ve already found a friend who is passing on their moby. No real name progress. This child will be lucky if we ever decide on a name!


JG said...

Yaaaaayyyy! WOW you have POPPED! You are really getting big now! :) Isn't it crazy to think that you're still going to be pregnant for a while yet? I remember hitting 30 weeks or so and my tummy was huge, and thinking... "I can't possibly get any bigger than this" but I DID. ;D Things to look forward to! 18 lbs really isn't bad... don't beat yourself up! You'll slow down at the very end. My SIL, Laura, even LOST weight at the end. You look great, and sounds like you're getting along ok in spite of the heat/parties/peeing, etc. Yay for all the movement in there! Super feisty girl! ;D

Meredith said...

You are so gorgeous! Definitely have a glow, and I think you look perfect size. Good luck with name choosing; we're stumped too :/ Sorry about the heat getting to you. Maybe we'll get a mild summer this year.