Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nora at 10+ months

It appears that-despite my best efforts at denial-Nora is almost 11 months, which means that everyone is refereeing to her as “almost a year.”  So cliché, but where does the time go?  What happened to my so long awaited, itty-bitty newborn?  I guess it is time to at least complete the 10 month entry!

Personality: She likes people, and she likes action.  She is also VERY active now and into everything.  Her personality is certainly developing and changing.  She has more of an opinion now, and even though she continues to be very social and charming, she will let you know when she is not happy.  She sometimes throw fits when you have to take something away or move her.  She is no longer completely laid back and docile, however she wouldn’t really fit into this family if she didn’t have some fire in her!

In the right mood she is starting to get cuddly now.  She will crawl over and lay her head on your lap if you are sitting on the floor (she even did this once with a random boy who really liked her at Joseph’s summer camp—he was instantly smitten).  She also gives kisses, which is incredibly adorable.

I just asked Brad what I should put on here and he said, “that she has a beautiful smile.”  And then after a little bit, “but sometimes she squeaks a lot.”  Both true.  She smiles with her whole face crinkled up, and she can get very squeaky when she isn’t happy.  She doesn’t really cry, just squeaks, and it can get very annoying.

Physical: Haven’t weighed or measured her, but we know she is big!  I’m guessing around 25 pounds. 

Eczema is better, but she sure does have sensitive skin!  She is a bug magnet and the bites turn bright red and take forever to go away.  I also have to constantly worry about covering her up and sun protection.

Her hair is quite red these days, but still very sparse and her eyes are a color I do not know how to name.  Mostly she is rolls of pudgy cuteness with a huge grin!

She started crawling just after I wrote the last post, so about 9 1/2 months.  It’s already been long enough that I can’t imagine her not crawling…she is everywhere, into everything, all the time.  Unstoppable!  I do miss those months of having her sit in one place.  She also pulls up on everything, cruises around on furniture, and get’s more and more stable every day. 

“Talking:” I am pretty sure she says, “ma ma,” “da da,” “bru-bru” (brother), and “tea” (kitty)  appropriately.  Which is so exciting!  She also loves to sing “Twinkly, twinkle, Little Star.”  By “sing” I mean she makes the hand motions for the stars and kind of babbles in a lilting way, but it is very clear what she is doing and she very often gets all of us to join in.  It is my favorite party trick of hers right now!

Eating habits:  She’s a good eater—loves trying new things, loves big people food as well as baby food.  She does turn a couple things down, but not too much.  I’d say beans are one of her favorite things, either just plain beans or hummus which she likes off of rice cakes and bread and makes a huge mess.  She is also cleanly aware these days if someone is eating something that she does not get, and this makes her very mad.  I can’t really let Joseph have snacks in the car anymore because she throws a HUGE fit.

She is also still an avid nurser. 

Sleep: Better!  Though still a bit up and down.  Usually she goes to bed about 7, wakes, nurses and goes back to sleep quickly at about 2, and then wakes again at about 5.  She usually nurses then and goes back to sleep, though it takes a bit longer.  She then wakes anywhere from 7-8:45.  We have had some great sleeping in mornings (well not Joseph—6:30 is about the latest he makes it, but he will read for a long time and then watch tv). During the school year everyone has to be up, dressed, and ready to go by 7:30 so I really like lazy summer mornings!

Nora did sleep through the night one night and has also had some worse nights where she was up three times.  She also likes to take two naps (around 9 and 1) for 1-2 hours, BUT with all the crazyness of summer her schedule has been completely inconsistent because of all the things both Joseph and I are doing.  It drives me crazy messing up her schedule so much, but I just kind of had to let go of it.  Can’t figure out any other way. 

Cute/Funny Habits:  Still loves blankets, especially over her face. She always plays with her ears and the hair right behind her ear when she is tired.  Dead giveaway.

Nicknames: Noranator, Norastein, Babystein, Norabelle, Stinkerbelle, Noni Smiggles, Squeakers

Likes: Her brother, music, dancing, clapping, standing, eating, trying our food, water bottles, cords, tickles

Dislikes: Being put into anything confining—carseat, stroller, highchair (once she is in she is usually fine), getting dressed, having toys/items taken away, being tired, being reprimanded.


JG said...

YAY! My Nora-Info Craving has been satisfied. :) I love these posts, especially since they change so much at that age. She sounds like such a cute kid... maybe a video someday?? ;)
Since misery loves company, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a non-sleeper. Are you drinking coffee at all?? Sometimes that's the only thing that keeps me alive. At least when Kaia quit nursing--which was my surefire way to get Kaia to sleep--I could feel less guilty about 5 cups of coffee. Ha! Oh, and I also think it's funny that Nora doesn't like restraints. Kaia is the SAME! Sometimes she'll calm down after a minute or two, and sometimes I just have to totally change our plans because she WON'T endure the stroller.
We really have to get our two little pistols together!! Nora still gets to ride in the plane for free for another 13 months! Just sayin! ;D Thank you for the post!

Ruth Bernstein said...

Ooopss-forgot to respond! You are such a good friend with all your comments. I have a video from back when she started crawling but don't know how to post it! Now she is getting close to walking! Joseph was done with the stroller by two. Of course he was a first child, so that might not be possible with a second. And I have started to sneak a little caffeine into my coffee! It sounds like sleeping is going better for you??