Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Joseph’s Spongebob Bday Party

Obviously, I am very tardy in posting this.  I don’t know how all you super on-time bloggers do it!

Joseph turned 7 on May 6th.  He has wanted a Spongebob birthday party for a while now and I have always put him off.  Years ago he really wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party and I said that I wouldn’t do any commercial character and tried to explain that concept to him.  Fast forward to this year and I decided, what they heck—it’s his birthday, I’ll do what he wants!  I wont spend a lot of money on crappy prepackaged stuff, but I’ll give it a shot.  (I still like to think I’ll be able to avoid all the princess-ish stuff with Nora, but see that it’s just as likely I’ll eat those words too).

Anyways, we had a blast and it all worked out well.  Here was Joseph helping me make the goody bags.  As I said I wanted to avoid most the premade commercial stuff so I copy/adapted this idea off pinterest instead.  Only thing is Joseph really wanted to help.  It was hard for me to let go of the perfect idea I had in my head, but really ended up working out well!  He had a lot of patience-he would pick out a face, I would draw it in pencil, and then he would trace it with a permanent marker.


My cake of the year!  Fondant for the first time.  Much harder to work with then I expected!


Very yellow table!


Our awesome bags!  I really, really love them.


The party was at Whirlie’s World, our local arcade/laser tag/bouncy house place.  Worked out well since it was pooring!


Pizza and slushies!  Everyone except one girl (who’s birthday was the day before) made it from Joseph’s class.


Very hard to take pics, but tons of fun playing laser tag!  (Last year Joseph hid in a corner crying for a bit during the game because he thought people weren’t playing right—and just general bday stress.  This year, no tears!  I believe he has matured a bit!  Or the game just went better for him.)


So cute!


Laser tag photo opp


A new boy just joined Joseph’s class and he has a younger sister just a couple months older then Nora!  Very fun.


Cake and candles




Lots of games


Partied out.  And the pillow Joseph choose with all his tickets.  I am now trying to decide whether I continue the theme party tradition now that I have two kids?   Yikes.


JG said...

Fun party!! Love how you handled the SpongeBob theme. The bags and balloons are so cute! What a lot of work though! I am a big fan of minimal prep these days. :) However, I haven't really figured out a way to keep the cost reasonable; especially with buying everything pre-made. I think next year we might try having a horse-theme party at our house... how cheap and easy would that be??! :) You could always do a construction theme party and steal a bunch of "theme" stuff from Brad! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that Joseph (and Nora) won in the mom selection contest.


Ruth Bernstein said...

This party was really minimal work! I think any party that isn't at my house is pretty easy since I don't have to obsess about cleaning house on top of everything. Probably just should keep my house better...cost is definitely the trade off. Horse themed though sounds perfect! I am trying to decide whether to do a theme for Nora's birthday, I want to but things are VERY busy...only if I figure something easy out. And thank you soooo much for the kind comment RB ;-)