Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nora at 11 months

NOOOOOOO—She can’t be almost 1?  Ahhhh!

But really, such an adorable age.  She just suddenly seems to be so much more of a little human.  She has plans, and desires, and preferences…

Personality:  Definitely not a quite wallflower type.  More feisty, fiery, and loud—following in her brother’s foot steps.  Just like him she is very into people, and is generally happy as long as she is getting attention.  She doesn’t really care who the attention is from (strangers don’t usually phase her).  She is cuddly and silly, completely charming, and definitely spunky. 

Her cuddly, lovey side is a new development.  She blows kisses and gives kisses all the time and it is beyond adorable.  Sometimes she just follows me around giving kisses and when I come into get her after a nap she is usually full of kisses.  

Physical: We were at the Dr.s last week, right when she turned 11 months, and she weighed 23.5 pounds with her clothes on.  That just seems so small to me—I had been assuming she was 25 for awhile.  I know she has lots of rolls, but now she seems almost petit to me. I put her in 12-18 months clothes most of the time.

Hair seems a beautiful strawberry blond, but not enough to really tell and eyes are grey I would say.

She isn’t walking yet, and Joseph is very relieved that she didn’t “beat him,” but everyday she get closer.  I’ve seen her let go and stand on her own a couple times.  She just learned how to push her push cars standing up (she had been waddling around on her knees to push them for a bit).  She LOVES to climb more than anything.  We finally did have to put a gate up at the bottom of the stairs, something I was able to avoid with Joseph.  She is A LOT more work now.  No more just sitting around and chatting when she on the go.

“Talking:” Her language skills blow me away.  She says “mama,” “dada,” “brough, bough,” (brother) and “nur-nur” (nurse) for sure.  She very often sounds like she is saying other words too, though she is very good at mimicking most sounds, so hard to tell.

Eating habits:  She isn’t as much of a super eater lately.  Sometimes she doesn’t seem into it?  Joseph never did that, so it surprises me.  Other times she is totally into it.  She definitely does get mad if someone is having a snack and she isn’t offered some!  Yesterday (and today) she loved some eggplant parm. 

Her nursing sessions seem to be getting shorter and shorter…

Sleep:  Not so great.  She has been waking twice a night again and then sometimes waking up earlier.  Boo!  I guess its back to letting her cry abit…though I will probably put it off awhile longer and hope she magically gets better.  She was getting really good for awhile there, even slept through the night once.  But that was weeks ago.  Naps got wonky for a bit too.  She has taken two 1-2 hour naps for ever, but then seemed like she was starting to skip one of them.  But, just about a week ago I figured it out—she just needs to go to sleep differently.  I had tried to nurse her to sleep like normal, and she nursed briefly, then acted a little frantic, like she wanted to play.  When I brought her downstairs Brad said, “Just leave her in her crib to figure it out.”  I decided to try this. She cried while I laid her down, then I gave her her paci, and she was quite.  And went right to sleep.  With this new trick she is back to two naps (as long as we aren’t running around too much).  Very exciting.

Cute/Funny Habits:  She loves blankets, and her lovey snuggled up next to her face.  Always goes for her ears when she is tired.

Nicknames: Noranator, Norastein, Babystein, Norabelle, Stinkerbelle, Noni Smiggles, Squeakers, Shmucky, Stinkstein

Likes: Being out! Doing stuff!  Seeing people!  Getting everyone's attention, when daddy comes home, music, climbing, getting into cupboards, making big messes, snuggling, books

Dislikes: Being told no, not be able to get somewhere/or something she wants, being tired, getting into the carseat, stroller, or highchair

Second to last monthly update.  Babies grow way to quickly. 

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JG said...

Great update! I wish I lived closer so I could just play with her!!! She sounds like so much fun, and is just a beautiful kid. It's funny how she and Kaia are now the same size, and you think Nora is petite ;) Kaia is in 18-24 mo clothes! Good luck with the sleep thing... we are still figuring Kaia out, and here she is almost 2. It seemed like, once we started scheduling her sleep, she was doing really well... but now for the last 2 nights she has been up a lot, even though we are only letting her get 12 hours with night/nap combined. GRR!!! These girls just don't want to miss any action! It will be so fun the next time we do see each other... I think Kaia and Nora will be a very precocious and active duo! Enjoy your baby! You know 1 yr is the "official toddlerhood" age!!!