Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 Who knows what we are going to find?  Trying to get caught up and organized on the photos here with my new computer!  Going all the way back to May.

Bernie's Kickoff Event!  This was a spotaneious big adventure for us.  SO glad we went for it.  Fun and part of history!
Firemen Day in Shoreham.  Bob took Joseph and Nora (soo brave to take both kids in public!) as I was working.  Seems like everyone had fun!

First super summery day! And way back when she first learned how to climb up the ladder on the swing set.

First night at our camp!!

Ooops...back to the firemen day.

Fourwheeling with Tanner.  A dream come true for Joseph.  He even got to drive it.

A new swing we (Brad) put up.  It's been lots of fun.

Sorry these jump around so much.  This would be Joseph's birthday-day.  8 years old!

So many great grampas in our life. 

Hastliy made cake, but it did the trick ;-) 

Birthday partying at Whirlie's World

This years cake!  Batman--Joseph and I designed.  Specifically designed to avoid fondant.

Hanging out in Lincoln

Ready to play ball.

Quickly discovered that one of the very best things about our camp is the peaceful boating.  It is really beautiful! 

We also love just walking around. 

Our little place.


New Haven townwide yardsale tradition

More at camp!  

Memorial day parade in Middlebury.

Jordyn joining Joseph on the trampoline

Working on her yoga moves

Tanner and Taryn's Bday

May/early June Birthdays (Joseph, Brad, Ruth, and Amy) party I threw, but it was pouring so relocated to Grandma's.    

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Excellent Batman cake.