Friday, October 23, 2015


This picture is summer to me!  
Nora's first creemee, swimming and fun at our beautiful state park. 

Babies playing with fire--always a good idea

SO pretty at camp.  
Headed to see the Fourth of July parade.

Watching the parade.

She did a lot of waving

Lots of treats of course 

Too cute in this get-up and dancing

I don't know where he gets this stuff from.  I never could even stand up on a skateboard and he can ride down a hill with very little practice.

Such a great Daddy

Berry picking!  One of my favorite things about where we live are the wild berries that grow everywhere.  Due to a rainy early summer they were extra abundant this year and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

Besides; what's cuter then kids picking berries?

Sunset Lake--another local, VERY hidden gem.

Friends rent a cabin every year and we are so greatful they include us in some of the fun.  It's a party the whole time and tons of fun.

A hike up Bristol Cliffs with Bob.

Another beautiful view.  These pictures are making me a little sad.  Summer is so great. And so, completely, over with :-( 

Carving Joseph's initials in a tree--he was very excited

Camping trip!!  

I was very nervous about going camping, mostly because of Nora's lack of sleeping whenever we stayed somewhere other then home.  But, I decided to go for it and am so glad I did. 

I just love Brandbury!

The complete lack of sleep is worth it

A hike up to Silver Lake--my favorite hike--swim at the bottom, top, and then again at the bottom. 
Nora really started to enjoy the water this camping trip.

Nora was too into the water to pose here, but I love these photos of the cousins.

All packed up and heading home.  It's amazing how much work packing for four nights is!  And then getting it all back in the car...

First trip to Goshen Dam with friends Jill, Claire, and Ben.  A beautiful place we had almost entirely too ourselves.

One morning I found the two of them reading in Nora's crip.  They fight like crazy, but love each other so much too.

More time at camp

Lots of fun at our library this summer! I worked Mondays and brought the kids on Wednesday (well sometimes Joseph assisted on Mondays and sometimes he had camp on Wednesdays).  Anyways, we offer a free lunch every Monday and Wednesday plus a storytime, lots of activities aimed at different ages, and ongoing reading challenges.  It is exciting for all of us.

Messy art/science.  Too fun!

Babysitting the neighboors.  I was actually the little guys first non-family sitter ever.  Woohoo!

Go-cart fun

She loves all the toys.  And doesn't everyone four-wheel naked?

Swim lessons.  Not many pictures, but a good time as always.  Joseph was the only one in his class and learned sooooo much!  Next year he will finish the last level.

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