Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The things she says!

Two-year-olds are hysterical.  This just can't help it.

  • "Toenail" that's what she named her baby?!!??  So funny.  Going on a week getting to know this Toenail and all his shenanigans. She seems to really enjoy putting him in timeout, giving him bottles, and snuggling. But mostly timeouts.
  • All blankies are called "stankyies"  I correct most enunciation issues, but totally indulge this one because it is so cute and funny.
  • In a whinny mood, having breakdowns about everything, tearful pleading:  "Candy really, really, really, make me feel better!"
  •  Convo with grandpa: Nora: "You stickers!!"  Took us awhile to figure out she was talking about his tatoos.  Grandpa, "They're tattoos."  Nora: "You get at party?"  Get a wash cloth!"
  • "What'cha talkin' 'bout?"  This has worn off a bit, but for months we heard it all the time.  She likes to make sure she knows everything that is going on.  And she will just keep screaming "What'cha talkin' 'bout?" in the middle of your conversation until she gets an answer.
  • "Funny!?!" When she does something wrong.  With that little stinker smirk.
  • "Mommy's house."  Apparently it's my house!  She always refers to our house as Mommy's house.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ruth, who taught that girl?