Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pictures!! (on another site . . .)

So, I know that some of you are frustrated that I am a bit behind on posting pics! I finally have put a bunch on another site (which some family prefers). However, on this site you have to be invited to view the album. I sent an invitation email to many of you, but if you didn’t receive the email and want to see the pictures, just let me know. Perhaps I don’t have the correct address.

Everything continues to go well here. Tonight we are headed out for a first social visit without Brad, so we will see how that goes . . . especially since I didn't really sleep last night. Joseph decided he needed to be held all night for some reason. Let's hope this isn't a new routine. I love cuddling of course, but getting some small amount of sleep is nice too. Brad is back to work, but while he was home he managed to do all sorts of work around the house, including painting the garage and the bathroom, so things are looking good. We love to get visits from any of you who are around here and I hope everyone is doing well!


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