Saturday, June 2, 2007

Things I Have Learned About Joseph So Far

Hello all!

Things are going great here with our new family of three. I know I have been a bit tardy on all my electronic communication, but will continue to try and do better. I will post more pictures soon.

Here is a list of Things I Have Learned About Joseph So Far to explain a little about our life together and help you get to know him.

Warning: A lot of this has to do with body functions, which some might think is a bit gross. However, it seems that if you spend time with an infant this becomes customary.

  • #1. He is just so damn cute and, as everyone says, it is crazy to know that he is mine and somehow Brad and I made him and you just have to love him to death.
  • He might be an infant, but noises from both ends are certainly very grown up (i.e. screaming and farting).
  • Eating and sleeping are his favorite activities, probably inherited from me. Most of the time he will sleep through the loudest noises and he will often happily drink his medicine.
  • Related: he grows and grows and grows. At his one month checkup he was 11 pounds 10½ ounces.
  • When he is going through a growth spurt he is perfectly capable of eating nearly constantly, including at night. Amazingly I have discovered I can function on just a few (seriously) hours of sleep.
  • Even if he just peed on you, do not be deceived and think his bladder is empty and it will not happen again; it can and it often will. The amount of diapers we go through is astounding.
  • Staring at himself in mirrors is another favorite activity.
  • He also can communicate surprisingly well. If he is hungry he will let you know in the following ways: opening and closing his mouth, sticking his tongue out, putting as much of his hand as possible in his mouth, screaming, and if I am holding him diving toward my boob and head butting me.
  • He is strong. Kicks, grasps, pushes, pulls, head butts, etc . . . are surprisingly powerful.
  • If he is tired of sleeping all alone in his playyard, as he generally is by the early morning, he will effectively insist to be held and join the grownup bed.
  • Pooping can be quite hard work and takes up another large chunk of his time.
  • He changes and grows everyday. One day all of a sudden he was bright eyed, aware, and gazing intently in my eyes. And then he was holding his head up and turning it to look around. Every day he seems bigger, stronger, fatter, and more capable. Brad is sure he will be walking very soon.
  • He certainly knows his mommy. I never thought it would happen, but in times of duress I can calm him and he responds to my voice. What an amazing feeling!


Amy Serekede said...

The joys of motherhood :o) 11 lbs already! You need to post some recent pics!!!

Anne said...

Regularly functioning on a few hours of sleep? You're more hardcore than you were in college, Ruth. I love it. And I agree, pooping can be hard work.

Andrew said...

What a lucky kid, what with his a blog, how oughts is that? And how lucky the planet is to have a grandson of RWB.

Menora said...

Good for people to know.