Sunday, April 12, 2009

March 09 Pics

I finally was able to get pictures off my camera. Here are some from March:

Using the potty! (He's going to love this picture when he is older.)

Helping dad fix stuff

I am really excited that he can enjoy some craft-type activities now. This was our first time making play dough:

We also had a wonderful visit with Mary at Rokeby Musuem. This was especially fun since I spent a lot of time there when I was young.

Springtime walk:

Boy cousins cuddling:

We are now headed away on our big trip, but when we return I will post traveling and Easter pics.

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JG said...

these are such great pictures, Ruth! I love the pics of Joseph "helping" with tools. What a cutie! I am so jealous that you guys get to play with play-doh! His little handprint craft is soooo special. What a big boy! (He's going to kill you for that potty pic, but I love it!)