Saturday, April 4, 2009

Talk talk talking

Joseph now talks soooo much! Well, at least compared to a couple months ago. In the last few months he has had a huge spurt in his language development. It’s kind of a funny thing. I find it amazing; near miraculous to witness. But of course it is really completely everyday. We all did it at one point. Both miraculous and mundane I guess. Either way it is really fun to see.

He basically tries to say every thing! Of course there are some caveats: in a new situation he is shy and clams right up and I do a lot of translating since it is pretty hard to understand. Actually I think he has been saying and still says a lot more then I realize. It's just hard to understand. He does funny things like over-enunciate the end of words, especially “k” sounds like truCCCKKKK and "milKKKKKK.” He says “outdies” for “outside.” He recently really started putting words together on his own. Just things like, “my backpack,” “drive tractor,” “goats out,” “sorry mommy,” “hi daddy,” “outside please,” “my turn” etc. . . The most complex he gets are "where football go?" and "no want night-night!" He also likes to count to 10 and sing his ABCs (obviously just parroting this sounds, but still cute). Recently he has gotten really into singing “Happy Birthday to You.” Though it sounds something like, “appy bir-day ew you.” It's an exciting time, though we have to start being more careful. Remember, he will repeat anything. And we have to spell things out so he doesn't know what we are talking about. New things every day! What fun!

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JG said...

Ruth this IS a miracle! Joseph is SO smart! Wow, this must be the most incredible's so interesting how he's putting things together and all...a linguist's dream! So he calls you two "mommy" and "daddy?" That is SO cute! He is amazing...give him credit for being a genius!
I'd love more blogs on the way he's constructing sentences and the sounds he can and can't make...