Sunday, October 4, 2009

August pictures

Trying to catch up on posting pics. We had such a FUN summer!!


Handmowing (0r sything) competition. Uncle Marc took second over-all and Nora (gram) got first in her class (the Roger Shattuck Memorial)!

Trying out the neighboors new go-cart!

Waitsfield Fair with cousin Jacob, Grandma Hotte, and Aunts Jen and Amy!

He must have gone through that fun house atleast 20 times!

And on all the rides about 20 times each. He also went on a "big kid" ride--something with seats on big claw-like arms that went up in the air and spun around VERY fast--twice and loved that. I was quite surprised!

Another very important part of summer!

Playtime at our house

Nora's bday--a really wonderful family get-together. My batteries died--again--so I didn't take many pictures, but we had a blast as always, including fire, food, drink, and dance!!!

Day at the river with Courtney, Wyatt, and Isabel

The "small house" on wheels Brad built for a friend


JG said...

YYYAAAYYY!!! You have redeemed yourself. :) LOVE the summer pictures...I love the naked pictures with the cat! I love the fair pictures (the horse show pic choked me up!) the beautiful pics from Nora's b-day, all the fun (ice cream, sandbox, river, basketball!) summer pics. Joseph is such a big, handsome boy! I love his hair. He has the cutest face too...cutest little nose. I can't believe all the kid things he does it just me or is life going through fast forward more and more quickly???
Beautiful pictures! I want to come see you in the summer!!!

Anonymous said...

JG, you're right, it all moves fast, that's why we have to be nice and do out best.

RSB, can you email me so I can get your address, as I'm out here in central Texas--enjoying myself, but I forgot all my addresses.

Sowed some photographs to much reminiscing at a reunion party last night, going to another shortly.

Best to you both,