Wednesday, October 21, 2009

in the kitchen and around beautiful VT (September pics)

"Helping" make bread

First loaf

Major "spin round" obsession.

Trying to spin Daddy

Yummm. We love our bread!

At the park with Ben

At the library. I do love libraries. I am now volunteering at the Platt Library (Shoreham) once a week, plus I usually take Joseph their every week, and we almost always go to Wednesday morning Story Hour at Ilsley in Middlebury. Lots of library time is good!

Ballon Festival with the Wells, Jordan, and Jason

Playing baseball

My peach jam! Yummmmy (and easy!)

With Anya!

Nora, Eileen, Joseph, Anya (Pat's daughter), and Pat (Nora's sister)=wonderful

Apple picking (we went apple picking twice and fall raspberry picking three times)

We love Megan!


JG said...

OMG THAT'S IT! I'm moving back to VT! Wow, what beautiful pictures! I LOVE the pic of Joseph trying to spin Brad. That is adorable! And how nice Brad goes to the library with you guys!
OK I finished my thank you and hello notes last night and now my new goal is to have a family trip to the library before the end of the week! We have a BEAUTIFUL local library and we've only been there once for their book sale...for shame!
Also, I saw in the paper this morning that Fargo has been ranked the #3 city for raising children. Guess who's #1? BURLINGTON!

Ruth said...

Yes! MOVE BACK TO VT! I know, I know, it's not happening, but I'm a dreamer and I won't give up hoping!