Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Job ADD??

As you probably know, I decided not to return to my teaching position last year and ever since have been searching for a job that fits my life. I am dreaming of three days a week, with benefits, decent pay, fulfilling social services position, etc . . . anyways right now I am substituting at two local preschools and liking it more than I expected! The other day though I was chatting with a friend who has been supportive throughout this whole process, when she happened to mention that she had only ever had two jobs and NEVER been through this whole, apply, interview, check references, etc . . . process. She worked at one local place throughout and after college, working her way up to director, and now works (very hard) for herself, but everything I am through is foreign to her. This certainly surprised me, and also got me thinking about the TONS of positions I have had throughout my 26 years. And, since I love putting lists here, I decided to put together the following:

Ruth S. Bernstein, Paid Positions
General Helper, Lois Perfect (what a great first job!!)
Barn helper, Kate Selby Barn
Library Assistant, Lincoln Library
Mail Clerk and Data Entry, Vermont Bicycle Tours
Sales Associate and Bookkeeper, Deerleap Books (8 YEARS!)
Co-Interim Manager, Art on Main
Waitress, Angela’s
Waitress, Mr. Up’s
Tour Guide, UVM Morgan Horse Farm
Intern Researcher, Vermont Cancer Society
Substitute Community Integration Specialist and Group Home Worker, Counseling Service of Addison County
Writing Center Coach, Saint Michael’s College Writing Center
ABA Assistant
Summer Tutor, Founder’s Memorial School
Respite Provider, two families
Substitute Teacher, Williston school district
Research Assistant, ORC Macro
Job Coach, Counseling Service of Addison County
Sales Associate, Vermont Book Shop
5/6 Teacher, Leicester Central School
Substitute, Otter Creek Child Center
Substitute, Creative Beginnings Childcare

What does this say about me??


JG said...

WOW...I can't even remember like 1/2 of those jobs! You're not supposed to have memories that I don't also have. :D
What a resume!

Anonymous said...

Fine list. And it is both suprising and positive that you can make it. I think that the fact that you can and did make the list says plenty about your fine orgnaizational abilities and the list itself (and the work recalled in it) you should be proud of: you always were a good worker.

Do you have 'babysitter' in there? How about the time you 'lost' Ike (or was it Liam)?


Michele said...

I'm jealous of the research experience with the cancer society.

I think it's awesome that you have so many experiences. Imagine if you listed volunteer, too!

PS--I'm going to try following the blogs again!

Ruth said...

I think I might have to make a volunteer list next! Glad to see you on here Michele. And thanks for highlighting a not-so-great work expereince father. It was Ike. And he climbed out his window to go visit his girlfriend--who would expect a second grader to do that??