Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tractor show, hiking, driving around, and NH family visit

Farm and Tractor Field Days just down the road. Joseph got a nice ride there!

Raspberry Jam. Wish I had made more!

Snake Mountain with cousins--Joseph walked some of the way up, and ALL the way down! Well, ran might be more accurate.

Getting good and dirty

Sometimes we like to just drive around. Often we talk alot about architecture and I especially find what I call "sad houses" (or barns, schools, etc. . .) fascinating. These are once beautiful, amazingly crafted, abandoned buildings. Think of how much work went into this and the people who lived their lives here.

Abandoned stone school.

Vermont is beautiful.

Lots of fun with leaves!

We also had a WONDERFUL little family get-together in Manchester, NH. We stayed at a great hotel, visited lots, ate great food, and went to three museums!
SEE Science Center:

Lego model of the millyard area of Manchester

Everyone loved the robot arm.

We might have even gotten a bit competitive. . .

Cousin Ada and Joseph at dinner. This was a moment of calm. Not Joseph's best behaved day, but we pulled through. He was only under the table a bit ... (I swore I would never let that happen!)

Selma's 85th Birthday Dinner!!
(Bob, Selma, Ellen, Daniel, Peter, Marcy, Ada, Joseph, Ruth. Sad to miss Ethan, who is away at college.)

Another super fun museum where you get to touch everything!


JG said...

Oh I finally got my fix! What a lot of beautiful VT always gives me a little heartache, you know. :) I love the pics of Joseph hiking Snake mt with a little backpack on! Goodness he is getting so big and grown-up. Hey, I think Brad should put a deck on the house. Or like a 3-season porch. Thanks for the awesome post! I'll quit pestering you for a week or so :)

Ruth said...

The "plan" for the house is to put an L shaped addition off towards the barn (bedroom upstairs and dining room downstairs) with a big ol' wrap around porch. So, Brad doesn't want to put anything on in the meantime, since he would have to then take it down. And I am currently very into 3-season porches with big glass windowns (with small paines) but I don't think it would fit our little house. Lots of dreams . . .