Saturday, November 21, 2009


Halloween was soo much fun for Joseph this year! I thought he was just adorable handing out candy. He was very careful to make sure everyone got some.

We spent quite a while trick-or-treating with Grandma and then Bob. He could have gone for longer--though some costumes and decorations did make him pretty nervous. He is still talking about the haunted house in the library we went to!

Back to handing out pictures. We had such fun!

These pictures are all from a Halloween photo shoot soon after, since I didn't get many pictures.

He was a singing cowboy with his harmonica. Even on the real Halloween he gave some performances!


About to get to eat the candy I bribed him with.

This is the preferred way of dressing.

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JG said...

Ruth! This is going to sound so ridiculous: I got teary-eyed at the pics of Joseph in his jeans with his shirt off! He looks like a big kid! Sophia has such a disproportionate toddler-body, and Joseph doesn't really have that at can see the boy he's becoming. I just can't get over how fleeting motherhood seems.
Oh, and I LOVE the cowboy pics! Especially the photo-shoot ones...aren't you glad you did that? Sophia loves the harmonica...I'll try to remember ours and she and Joseph can duet!