Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I wish

Tonight I saw the most amazing shooting star I have ever seen. For all my life I have wished the same thing on every shooting star (and birthday candles, at 11:11, and any other opportunity). This wish (which, due to my irrational and indulgent superstitiousness, I cannot completely reveal) has always been about me. Tonight, without even thinking, I wished the same thing, but for JOSEPH. Wow.


JG said...

Words can't describe some of the awesome moments and feelings we get to have as parents, but anecdotes like these help illustrate those feelings...thanks for sharing!
(I'm dying to know what the wish is)
Ok since you can't tell, then maybe you can at least reveal if it's come true for you?

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful writing, Ruth.

JG, you mean there are some things about RSB that you don't know?

Ruth, is OK to hope that you and JB get what you are wishing, or close?


JG said...

RB, you are rubbing salt in the wound!
Ruth, you know we've talked about how you're not supposed to have memories/a life outside of my realm of knowledge!

Ruth said...

Ha! I have to have some secrets JG (JW). Well, not really. I am still waiting for details about a certain adventure of yours . . . Anyways, my wish is basically for what I think is most important in life, and therefore cannot really be measured. However, I think Joseph and I are doing pretty well, but I also think you can always hope for even better!

my arts my life said...

woow , that'll be nice for the reader.. =D