Thursday, March 18, 2010

Craft plans/ideas: Big dreaming

This whole crafting thing is ADDICTING. I actually took a couple days "off" and finally finished a book I have been reading (and had out of the library, oops) for six months. Sad. For some reason I either craft or read, I don't do both (not including all the book, magazine, newspaper perusing that I do). Anyways, as I have mentioned, I love coming up with the ideas; but focusing and getting down to business part a bit harder. If you don't know, there is a world of blogs out there with amazing, amazing ideas. How these people have the time for all they do, I cannot fathom. That's where I get most of my inspiration. Anyways, I decided to make a list (oh how I love lists), put it on here, and then stick to projects from this list!!
  • cloth napkins
  • sock-monkey
  • Joseph pajama pants
  • Joseph shirts with cool designs so he will actually wear them
  • another flap hat to give away, just because it is fun and easy to make (free pattern here)
  • pirate underwear for Joseph! (inspiration here)
  • someday: A QUILT (yikes) I have been dreaming about the fabric . . .
  • a sweater for me (all the yarn is sitting here waiting for me to get up the guts . . .)
  • felt or knit play food for Joseph kitchen (maybe like these?)
  • a book with Joseph!
  • collage out of Joseph's art
  • display area in Joseph room for him to put up his art
  • pillows
  • finish the stupid pinecone wreath I started this year at xmas and never finished (idea here)
  • some art for our walls (like these pillows, but on a canvas or framed)
  • paint (and fix the sheatrock and decorate) a room in the house! Starting with the very smallest and least important; the upstairs bathroom. Then: the rest of the house, minus the kitchen.
  • Joseph towels to match the wash cloths I made him
  • travel marker roll-up for J
  • CD roll-up for J
  • growth chart for J
  • banner for J's birthday party
  • banner for J's room
As you can see, I love to dream.

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JG said...

How do you have time to WORK and CRAFT and be a MOMMY and STAY SKINNY? DO YOU SLEEP?!
You are totally amazing!