Monday, March 29, 2010

Joseph can have an opinion about ANYTHING. And EVERYTHING!

I am trying very hard not to let Joseph become the dictator in our house. But it really is a challenge. This morning I cut into my grapefruit, my favorite morning indulgence. I set one half in my bowl and, on cue, Joseph announced, "no mom, eat THAT half first!" Seriously??? Actually, this has happened before, and since it is usually 5:30 or 6 in the morning and I therefore cannot be held accountable, and since I really don't care which half I eat first, I tend to let the prince have his way. I knew at two Joseph would have opinions about some things. I figured he wouldn't always agree with bed time. He might want to play a different game. But, he has soooooooo many opinions. Like about:

  • which CD to listen to
  • which song on the CD to listen to (he asks by number, "I want 23, 'Ol' Man Tucker' ")
  • how loud the music should be (clearly music and CDS are a major interest right now)
  • what to wear. which shirt. what matches what. which outfit need which shoes.
  • of course what to do and when.
  • which book to read. oh, and which part he "reads" and what I read. and how to read it-loud or with a funny voice, etc. . .
  • which road I should take. really. If I go a different way home he had been known to freak.
  • what goes where.

Ok, it's late and that's all I can think of offhand. There's tons more. And each opinion is usually quite strongly held. For the most part I love that he is such an individual. I do believe that this feistiness will get him places in life, if I can just learn to channel it right. I really am working on setting limits and being the one who decides when to give choices and what things are have-tos.
But, spend all day with the kid and you will give in too. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Good reading. I have some opinions on this, too.


JG said...

Haha! I just sent you a long email about my professional opinion on Joseph's assertiveness, but I'll comment here, too...he's totally normal! I live by this advice: "If it's not worth a battle, don't start a war."
Every time Sophia acts like a brat I take a quick time out to assess the situation. Is it going to kill me to let her wash her rocks in the kitchen sink AGAIN? No. Even if I'm really tired and annoyed with her I will let her wash those damn rocks for the 100th time. I will mop up the water with dirty laundry. And I will try to appreciate the 15 minutes of free time that the rock-washing buys me!
But when I put my foot down I don't budge matter how much I regreat it 45 seconds into a tantrum. I used to always be able to wear my mom down, and it made me such a brat...I don't want Sophia to have the same tendency to relentlessly badger until she gets her way! NO THANKS! Anyway...there's my motherly wisdom. :) And for the record, I think you're a brilliant and sensitive mother, and I loved hanging out with Joseph in Dec. because he is a sweetheart AND a total firecracker--never a dull moment! He's very sensitive...I don't think you have anything to worry about!

Anonymous said...

Nice comments, JGW, good reading, thanks.