Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joseph's kitchen!!!

Bob (Grandpa) and I made Joseph a new little play-kitchen!!! I am super proud of this (even though I clearly could not have done it without Bob). Lately I have really enjoyed dreaming up craft ideas, but I tend to be pretty good at the dreaming part of the process and not so good at the actually getting it done part. So it is very exciting that this one got this far. Of course I had even more ideas and plans for this, such as a curtain on the bottom (which would involve me learning how to sew) but Joseph loves it and it was really fun to make. The very best part is I didn't spend a dollar on it! Everything was found at either Father's house or mine. I also tend to spend a bit too much on my projects, so this was another great lesson. This started out as a side table we never really used:

I was trying to convince Brad to make a real nice one, but he has been so busy with work that clearly was not going to happen any time soon. So I was totally enamored when I saw this blog post (from Homemade by Jill) and through that post found this and this with tons more ideas. It is a really great project. Kids of all types, no matter age, gender, personality, etc. . . seem to love these. Happy cooking! And thank you sooo much Bob!


JG said...

Agh! Blind. With. Jealousy.
Ok, really I'm happy for you...but...not going to deny the jealousy. That is SUCH a beautiful play kitchen! It looks like one of those trillion dollar ones in my organic hippy catalogues! Wow, your dad should start an online woodworking business or something. You two are amazing! It's really, really cute. So vermonty. Haha

sal said...


I would love to know how you made this. The blog you link to is not open. Would you mind sharing? Please :0