Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Marriage Proposal

Not sure where you might be thinking I am heading with this, but I am talking about Joseph and his friend/suitor C!  We met C at playgroup and she immediately took a liking to my boy (of course!).  There are A LOT of kids at playgroup (20+ I would guess) so kids don’t always make new friends there.  But, after only one group C was following Joseph around and had to seek him out for a special goodbye.  The next week they again played together and soon her mother told me the following: “C always used to tell me that she was going to marry her old brother, but now she says she is going to marry Joseph!! “  Sooooo cute.  Actually, at one point Joseph seemed to get irritated with her always following him around and wouldn’t do the Hokey Pokey with her (wowza) during the music time, which sent her off sulking.  This is new social territory for mommy to navigate.  But we mended things and look forward to seeing more of C (though playgroup is over now and she lives faraway).  Actually, Joseph does seem to enjoy playing with girls sometimes.  At one playgroup he was rolling around with some of his favorites.  One parent commented, “Brad would be proud”, to which a father responded, “I’m proud” and he snapped this photo.  He sent it entitled LL Cool J and explained that this stands for “Ladies Love” ;)

LL Cool J Berstein

They don’t look terribly excited, but I think they just didn’t want to pose for the picture. 


JG said...

Ok, I'm going to let it slide for now, and I won't tell Sophia, but be sure to let LL Cool J know as he starts dating and all that he IS betrothed! Haha!

Amy said...

Geesh - got me all excited over the title of this post. LL Cool J lol!

Ruth said...

Don't you know by now that Joseph has a more exciting life than me? And thanks for the understanding Jenn. He's got to really practice his game to compete for your princess!