Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strawberries, sunshine, and summertime plants=more June


With all our strawberries, we made yummy popsicles and jam!

IMG_0007 IMG_0014

 IMG_0016 IMG_0018

ACR at the Bristol Pocock Festival (where Bob helped by watching J.  This of course was a picturesque calm moment.  But the gravel marks on his head reveal the more rockus moments.  They got silly on the swings, ending up with a head-first dive onto the rocks.  Bob stepped right up and cuddled Joseph for a minute while I got ice, and in no time J was right back on the swings.)

 IMG_0036 IMG_0038 - Copy

Hangin’ at the beach.  Can’t wait to be back there!!!!!


I’ve been playing with plants a lot lately, though not all is success.  My garden is pretty lame, but I hold on to hope.  Today I found a baby rabbit in there, so that probably isn’t helping things.  However it was pretty fun to see the little guy.  Joseph and I watched him for a long time and I even got to touch him! 


Hmmmm . . . Maybe next year my little helper wont be naked all the time? Doubt it.


I LOVE my geraniums!  They are my first real potted flowers.  They were a gift (thanks Debbie) and very well chosen.  They are marked as deer resistant and I think that they are also rabbit, goat, and chicken resistant, which is very important around here!



 I repotted most of my indoor plants and tried to get a little creative.  I put the cactus (gift from the other Debi!) in a cool yard sale find, and a rosemary plant in a mason jar.  Brad thinks I’m crazy, but I found it entertaining.


IMG_0027 IMG_0020

We also have some plants on our parch, which is quite fun.  For the first time we have strawberries and enjoy them every day right now ;-)


Anonymous said...

That;s real nice, Ruth, I'm sorry for knocking him on his head, and they're 'geraniums,' not 'hydrangeas,' (though somebody ought to give you some of them, too.


JG said...

Wow, you are so domestic! The house looks beautiful...I love all the plants! And the STRAWBERRIES...YUM! I think we're going to copy you and go strawberry-picking soon!
And we can't wait to see you!!!!