Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Favorite Listening

Joseph has been going through a complete obsession with CDs for quite some time now!  As usual, I am using this blog to both share about my little man, maybe give some ideas to others (these are really great CDs), and perhaps most of all, to document these fleeting moments.  When I imagine looking back on Joseph’s early years, these are the songs that will be playing in the background.  I hope having these lists will help me remember. 

Through Children's Eyes: Little Folk Songs for Adults

It was around when I started teaching (when Joseph was 15 months) that he first started to have favorite CDs and songs.  This album, one that I vividly remember from my childhood (as a record of course) and one that my mom and her siblings' also listened to as children, was his first obsession.  The calls it “This Train” as that is the name of the first song.  I highly, highly recommend this CD.  The whole family enjoys it!

I bought this one (which has 5 CDs) to try and teach myself new songs.  It isn’t particularly high quality, and Brad can’t stand it, but it does have TONS of songs.

This is a book and CD set which is really well done and a wonderful gift from Debbie and Bill!

My father, Bob, picked this out for Joseph at a yard sale last summer and it was one of his favorite presents ever.  We have listened to this CD an amazing amount.  He asks for his favorite songs by track number and name, his favorites being: number 5 Skip to My Lou, 8 Yankee Doodle, 13 Banjo on My Knee, and 23 Old Man Tucker.  Old Man Tucker is the favorite, favorite.  He often listens to this on repeat as he goes to sleep or dances around his room.


Then he started going through all of Brad and my CDs.  For some reason this one stood out.  Favorites being 8 “Bottom Man” (which is really Dance all Night with a Bottle in My Hand) and “Monster Crying” (Pictures from Life's Other Side).  We started to realize it was good he couldn’t understand every word and that some CDs would not be appropriate to share with his friends at school!

Total obsession with Beck.  We had to really start censoring more.  Favorite is “Shrink, Shrink, Ga” which is actually some swearwords, though it is pretty hard for even me to understand. 

And two more current favs ;)

Happy listening all!

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