Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FAIR! FAIR! FAIR! Plus more August fun

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Just hanging out.  J started drawing on himself saying he wanted to be “a dragon with fire” so I decided to help him out.

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While I am living out my childhood dream of having kittens, Brad is indulging his inner child and his real-life child with go-cart fun.  Sometimes the neighbors join in the fun and let us try out their toys!



I’ve been working at Joseph’s school a little bit—here we all enjoy a craft.




FIELD DAYS!!! Always a highlight.  We spent two days there—the first with friends Lily and Asa.  Here they do a little activity and then get there very own ribbon





We watched this (not so great in my opinion) magician three times between the two days.  I guess J thought better of him than I.

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Pig races with daycare friends




We knew 5 of the peewees showing calves.  Here little Tanner (exactly J’s age and a schoolmate now and in the future in Shoreham) and Bubbah strut their stuff.  SOOOO cute.

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RIIIIDDESSS.  I cannot believe Joseph rode and enjoyed the Dragon Roller Coaster all by himself (I was too cheap to buy myself a bracelet to get on the rides).  But, now I know J is going to be lots of fun to go on rides with (plus he is of course already tall enough to get on most of them).  Yay.  Too bad I get wimpier as I get older. 

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We also celebrated Ben’s second birthday this past weekend at Branbury.

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Jill, Gabe, beautiful VT, and Jill’s AMAZING cakes.  My very, very favorite kind of crafting!


Now, that is how you eat a cupcake!

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Did I mention I LOVE Branbury (state park on Lake Dunmore)??


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the photographs. Nice dragon! I liked the puppet show at the fair--did you folks like that as much as I did?


JG said...

Oh, what a nice summer VT has had! You guys have sure done a lot of fun things! I can't believe J loves going on rides! And is big enough! That might be almost as crazy as the swim lessons. Yikes, he's getting too grown up! Seriously.
And isn't it weird how we're getting wimpier? Do you think that, once our kids are grown up and we're sure our genes can live on independently, we'll get brave again?