Friday, November 4, 2011

Excuses, a beautiful wedding, Devil’s Chair, and a 50th anniversary

First, I would l like to start with my explanation/excuses for my lack of photos:

1) Joseph, and Brad for that matter, are not fans of my constant picture taking.  I mean, I have had to bribe Joseph for posed pictures for at least two years.  Now he is harder to bribe and I care less.

2) My phone doesn’t seem to take as great pictures anymore.  My camera is pretty much dead.  Meaning it really is time for a new camera, but if you know me you know this is a major decision which takes quite awhile. 

3) I am kind of ambivalent about all this photo taking.  Sometimes I really feel that the focus on the photo takes away from enjoying the moment.  But, then again I do think later it helps with remember the moments . . . hmmmm.

For the pictures I did take (or cut and paste from other sources):  most notably we had cousin Heather’s wedding to Marcel, mid-September.  The wedding was at my grandmother’s cabin in Lincoln.  It was GORGEOUS!

wow.  just wow.

310464_917519965473_221667_40808603_459587599_n 307535_2390071041959_1556346431_32581822_1819079978_n WP_000392

Cake made by Heather’s cousin Jamey-Lee.  It was beautiful and soooo YUMMY.  Jamey-Lee also did Heather’s dress alterations, including an emergency fix right before the ceremony when some flower pollen stained Heather’s dress. 


So pretty!


And speaking of soo pretty, Heather’s mom, my aunt Eileen, was GORGEOUS (as always)!


We spent the night at the cabin and then Joseph and cousin Jasper had a blast playing on Sunday.

Heather and Marcel also had their engagement photos taken at the cabin and I just LOVE them:

264525_10150669426255523_171914795522_19533884_854434_n 263968_10150669423250523_171914795522_19533800_2408675_n





Hiking, something I often mean to do, but don’t actually do as much as we should.  It really is such a blast for both of us!  Here we climbed Mt. Philo, and as usual I let Joseph persuade me to take the adventurous route. 


It was stunning and exciting.  We ate our snack in a cave!  And then there was a nervous point when I was trying to figure out where the heck we were—but finally some came by and helped us out. 


WP_000437 WP_000439

Brad’s Uncle Victor and Aunt Pat’s 50th anniversary.  Lots of fun to see all the Bergevins! (Of which there are a lot.  Apparently Pat and Vic didn’t want a big party so only immediate family was invited.  There were about 80 of us there.)   WP_000443

As usual we took a break for the bustle to explore the old dairy barn.


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JG said...

I love the wedding pics! That pic of heather and her hubby out in the field is sooo sweet and beautiful. Little things like that tend to give me that "VT heart-ache!" Looks like some fun hiking, too! I'm glad you get SOME pics and I totally agree that they are wonderful for memories. My grandmother's photo albums are some of my favorite things. Family pics are SO special! Think of it as photo-journaling for your future family. ;)