Thursday, November 17, 2011

Message in a bottle (from Joseph)

I need treasure.

I really need it.

I am a pirate at home in a house who needs lots and lots of treasure.

(The other day Joseph asked me to get down a glass bottle I had on display.  On his own he decided to dictate this note and then place it in the bottle. I just think it is so cute and so Joseph.  He is still waiting to set it to sea.)


JG said...

Oh, CUTE! So, he really seems to have a thing for pirates?! That's so cool he decided to put a message in a bottle! Make sure you put his contact info on the back of the letter before you send it out to sea. :) How fun will that be?!
Also, I have to respond to your comment on my blog: I think you have competetiveness and perfectionism in your personality that you don't own up to!!! Joseph gets it from you! And you should really embrace those characteristics. They help make great employees and great mothers! :) No comment on what those characteristics do to sanity, though. ;)
So, here's a question: What does Joseph consider to be treasure? Have you asked him what he would find in his pirate treasure chest? And, sidenote: Sophia and I recently made a buried treasure. We colored little squares of tinfoil with magic marker and then balled them up color side out so they became jewels. Yay for treasure!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what he thinks the treasure will do for him. If I see this pirate I will ask him.