Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First day home

It makes me so sentimental looking at these pictures and thinking of our first days home… so that is why I have been posting a million pictures a little at a time.  Sorry everyone!


Brad, Nora, and I arrived home Monday evening and grandpa Bernie and Joseph pulled in right behind us after a long, fun day at the Champlain Valley Fair!


So sweet.


Out of focus, but here is Nora her first morning home.


Then Joseph got to open presents!  I had a bag of goodies all set for Joseph that I meant to bring to the hospital, but I was in such a rush when we actually left that I didn’t bring them.  Anyways, Joseph got to open all his big brother gifts our first morning home instead which worked out just fine.   


Big brother shirt!  I went totally overboard on these gifts, but I was very conflicted about the whole new sibling thing…it’s scary changing your first-born’s life so drastically!  I bought him way more stuff for this event then I have for any birthday or Christmas.


Bob came over to visit and help out.  He did TONS of cleaning which was such a help!



Too much going on to care about makeup…yikes!


But she still looks GORGEOUS!!




In the afternoon Joseph’s friends Cole and Alyssa came over for a visit.  Then they took Joseph for a playdate.


They were so excited to hold Nora!  It was super sweet—their mom, Courtney, actually took them all to TJ Maxx where they picked out some gifts for Nora.  They then played at Cole and Alyssa’s house and Courtney cooked us an awesome meal.  Later that evening their cousin Tanner and his mom and sister took Joseph to the school ice cream social.  It means so much to me to have such awesome friends helping out! 

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