Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last days in the old house; first day in the new one!


Neighbor Alice meeting Nora for the first time-her, her husband Bruce, and their grandkids played a big part in keeping Joseph and I entertained during the last weeks of my pregnancy.  They have a pool, four-wheelers, a go-cart, a basketball net…basically all Joseph’s favorite things.  Oh an of course a beautiful house and awesome snacks!  They were so kind to have us over lots.


Cute and cuddly in her Rock ‘n’ Play (thanks Genevieve!!)


Sleeping on her changing table.


Smiling in her sleep


Riding the bus home for the first time on Friday, our last day in the old house


Watching some TV


On Thursday one of the nurses from my stay at the birthing center at Porter came to look at our house.  She and her husband decided they liked the house and Brad decided to rent it to them.  On Friday I whipped up a lease and Friday night they came over and signed it.  On Saturday, when Nora was not even 7 days old, we moved.  It was pretty crazy so not many pictures were taken, but here is Joseph setting up his new room.


My typical view.  Which I maintained for the move.  I was definitely not in any shape to pack or move boxes, so Brad moved most things by himself.  My dad came over and helped a bit and then came over a number of times after the big move to help me finish up the little things.


Napping in the new house!  Gross belly button and peeling skin, but still adorable.


My view again.


I guess I did help a little!  This is me driving between the two houses with Nora on my lap.  That is something I definitely would never have done with Joseph!  (It’s not a real road btw.)


Passed out on her changing table


And Brad and Joseph getting ready for our first night in our new house!


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JG said...

Love all the pictures! Oh my goodness you are so spoiled.... all your baby does is sleep! ;)
Love the pic of Joseph coming from the bus (looks like a beautiful day!) and all the sweet baby pics (Ugh, baby belly buttons are always so weird looking!!). She is precious! What are you wearing her in? A sling? Love the pic of her on your lap while driving... I've done that a few times with Kaia between the house and garage. ;) I can't wait to see more pics of your new place! (Hint, hint, hint!)