Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Poll Updates

Still pregnant . . . 39 weeks and 1 day now . . . Decided to make a list of your guesses, though obviously a lot of these dates have passed . . .

Jennifer: 8/6, Girl, 8lbs 12oz

Bob: 8/9, Boy, 8lbs 6oz.
Bethany: 8/4, Girl, 7lbs 4oz

Meredith: 8/11, Girl, 8lbs 7oz Delete

Kate: 8/8, Boy, 8lbs

Brad: 8/12, Boy, 8lbs 5oz  (He just made his prediction last night so he has an advantage.)

Jenn: 8/15, Girl, 8lbs 7oz

Travis: 8/12, Boy

For some reason I can’t quite make my own prediction; trying to embrace the mystery of it all I guess.  This Saturday 8/11 would be the current most convenient time, though it would conflict with some plans.  I figure I have to keep living life and can’t just sit home and wait . . .


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Meredith said...

Well, as the one who guessed the 11th I'm all for that date :) But you really can't stop everything to wait or you'll go nuts. With Henri we actually went to Maine for the due date weekend, and I think we might go on an outing for this one as well. There are hospitals everywhere, right? ;)