Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July 2013 Fun!!

Maybe if I get caught up on everything possible this baby will decide to come?

Anyways, here are pic from July.

We started of the month was an awesome visit from my best friend Jennifer and her awesome kiddos Sophia and Kaia.  These first pics are from Sophia’s 5th birthday party.


Playing with the legos Joseph picked out for Sophia.  Joseph takes following the instructions very seriously. 



Another day at the river with Jenn, Alice and kiddos.  We have been best friends since we were 4!


3rd of July we hung out on the Bristol green before the fireworks.


Joseph was so excited about the sparkelers. He has always wanted to use them, but I am kindof scared of them.


Watching the fireworks.


Swim lessons!


A ride in Don’s army truck!


Ooopss—things are out of order here.  Oh well.  At the river.  I love these pictures!!!!!!


Have to include a meal at Cubbers for cheesy garlic bread and other greasy food when Jenn visits.


Fourth of July in Bristol!  Actually it was really hot and a little miserable for me.  Luckily we got there early, did some of the activities before the parade and then left right away.



When we got home.


Headed to swim at the neighbors.  one of Joseph’s very favorite things.


Gnome party at the library.  Actually, Joseph was the only child, but he didn’t mind at all since he was the center of attention for four adults.  It was lots of fun.  We actually managed to attend quite a number of the library activities this summer, though I didn’t take pictures of most.


Joseph’s Gnome house.


A visit and swim at my grandmother’s cabin in Lincoln,


A big part of Joseph’s summer was three weeks at the local recreation department camp (Camp Kookamunga).  It was a big deal for me sending Joseph to this, but he really seemed to enjoy it.  This is a picture of the director Sam on the talent show day which was also her birthday.  She, and all the staff, were AMAZING.  Joseph went five days a week the weeks he attended.  Each day they played games and had adventures in the morning then swam at the town pool in the afternoon.  Then one day they went to Lake Dunmore for a day and then another BIG field trip for a day.  The field trips Joseph went on were to Bromley Mt. (alpine slides and other attractions), Jay Peak (indoor water park and arcade), and The Fun Spot (rollerblading, arcade, go carts . . .).  It was really perfect that they took him to all these things, because he LOVES them, while they are definitely not my favorite.  I was pretty nervous the first field trip, but it all went well, and I learned to let go a little bit.

And then of course, Joseph’s very favorite summer activity: a trip to Hampton Beach.  I was pretty nervous about pulling this off this summer, given I was about 9 months pregnant, but it all worked out.


Checked into the hotel and immediately heading to the beach, of course!


First one in the water—Joseph!


One morning I made all the kids do the dishes.  I felt really smart.


After a day at the beach, and staying up late, all 5 kids took a nap and this adult took a nap!  Sleeping in the top bunk was another huge highlight for Joseph.


Arcade time!  I really am not a huge fan—such a waist of money.  Luckily Joseph kept winning this time, so we didn’t have to stay that long. 


Well, there was the horse race game that you play against a bunch of strangers, and I won!!!! Couldn’t believe that.  I’m guessing the others must have been inebriated or something . . .


Playing his cousins video games is also very exciting for Joseph.


On the last day we tested out the pool.  However, this year the ocean was much warmer then last—completely comfortable, so we didn’t use the pool much!


Last day at the beach!


Boogie boards were a big hit this year.


We ended up at a different part of the beach on the last day and the kids found a crab.  Very fun.


Back home, Joseph is going through a big puzzle phase.  Luckily they are like 25 cents at our second hand store.  He worked on this 200 piece puzzle for hours one morning.


Side swinging at Branbury Beach with Megan—one of my favorite things when I was a kid. 

And finally—Jenna and Justin’s wedding.  So fun and so special!!

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