Saturday, August 3, 2013

Joseph’s ideas about baby

  • On the very first evening that we told Joseph about baby (after my 9 week ultrasound) Joseph said, “Well, you know mom, you will save a lot of money if you have a boy, because it can have all my clothes and toys.”  I think this is the cutest thing ever.
  • I have mentioned before that Joseph really wanted to know if the baby was a girl or boy, one of the only reasons that tempted me to find out.  But he totally came around and now likes to make guesses, but knows it could be either.
  • We have talked a lot about how baby is upside down for the last 10 weeks or so and he likes to kiss baby and talk about what body parts he is kissing.
  • He loves when baby has hiccups since it is so easy to feel!
  • “How did your butt get so big??” 
  • Joseph didn’t really realize that babies usually come out vaginas, since he knows that he came out of my tummy. He was a little bothered by this when we started talking about it. “A baby can’t fit out a vagina!!!”
  • “Will it hurt baby when they cut the umbilical cord?  Will it hurt you?  What kind of knot do they tie it with?”
  • Last night Joseph was very interested in talking about how things are going to work when I go into labor.  He said, “you can come wake me up if the baby’s coming.  Then I will wake Dad up.  If it is hard to walk put your hand here (demonstrated).  Then I will call Bob.”
  • “Your tummy makes a really good cushion!”
  • “You can have two of my berries because your pregnant!”
  • “Mom, can you wait to have baby, because then you won’t have to eat so much healthy stuff and you won’t have to walk a lot?”

    PS—I ok’d this list with Joseph and there were some more graphic and funny things I wasn’t allowed to include.

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    JG said...

    Joseph is so bright and sweet, and will be such a great brother. I love hearing how he is processing this whole "new baby thing." Thank you for sharing this!