Friday, August 16, 2013

Weeks 38&39


Weeks 38&39 update-8/15/13

How big is baby? Probably huge.

Appointment Updates: Blugh. I had an appointment Tuesday and it was totally disheartening. First of I have been using 8/15 as my due date, but my Dr. said she had been using 8/12 so I was already officially “overdue.” (I think since changing Dr.s and having a number of different due dates confused things). I knew of course I was close, but thought I had a little more time. My Dr. offered to induce me Thursday, which I turned down, still hoping to have things happen naturally. I am very skeptical that I will be able to have a VBAC if I am induced. Dr. said she would give me two weeks to go on my own so we scheduled an induction for 8/27. I HATE the idea of going that long. So depressing. I just want to have my baby and know that he/she is ok! It just really stinks knowing I could have baby right now if I scheduled a repeat c-section (actually if I had scheduled one at the normal time baby would be about 2 weeks old now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I live in angst that I am making the “right” decisions…

Best Moment of the week: ? Mostly anxious and worried over here. Ok, actually I wasn’t that bad until this week. The weekend before I had an awesome, amazing weekend with my aunts and family. On Sat. we all went to the beach, then got pedicures, did some shopping, went out to an amazing restaurant, and then walked around town. They were so generous and sweet and it was a wonderful day—and thanks to Bob as well! The next day lots of the family hung out in Lincoln and it was a another fun time. Thank you everyone!!

Sleep: Sometimes fine, sometimes bad . . . Nights before work and Dr. appointments seem to be really hard, but I am now officially finished with work (kind of a hard decision, but I think the right one) so hopefully that will help.

Food aversions: Nope.

Food cravings: I love almost all food. Fruit, cranberry juice, ice cream, and lemonade are my favorites.

Symptoms: HUGE. Cramps, pressure, twinges. Btw, using the due date I found out the other day all my pics are about a week behind, since I usually took them a couple days late to begin with…

Maternity clothes: Some, but mostly just my stretchy skirts and tank tops. Though it has been been cooler (beautiful actually!) and I wish I had more maternity stuff, especially jeans, but too late now.

Weight: Stopped weighing myself. Hopefully still doing ok. 

Mommy movement: Walking ever single day. More and more. Last night I did 2 ½ miles. Still no baby.

Baby movement: Moving quite a lot. Which is very reassuring!  At the Dr. we listened to baby for a long time and it moved a lot and heart rate sounded great.

Gender: ????????????????????

What I miss: Not living in this insane limbo.

What I am looking forward to: Having a real, live, healthy baby on the outside.

Getting ready for baby: Pretty ready. Have been for a while. One of the biggest things I did to get ready is try and stock up on items so I wouldn’t have to go to the store. Well, now I have already gone through some of my back stock and had to go buy more again. I also froze a little food and have already broken into that as well.

Next appointment: Tuesday. Blugh. Different Dr. (the one who delivered Joseph) since my Dr. is on vacation now. Which stinks.  So hope I “go” before then.

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