Friday, August 23, 2013

Still a family of three . . .


We are still waiting for baby to exit my stomach.  In the meantime we did a little craft I had wanted to do with Joseph for a while. 

If you went to Lincoln Elementary School, as I did, you made one of these in kindergarten.  I thought it would be fun for Joseph to make one at around the same age (we were a little late, as usual, but close enough).  He did say that he would have made my tummy big, but didn’t know how.  Honestly, Joseph is such a perfectionist we were lucky he finished a project without major frustration!



My, very faded, version.  From 1988.


JG said...

Oh wow I am SO glad you posted this! I am really going to copy you on that... what a brilliant idea! I love it that you are smaller than Joseph. Soon enough! And I think I recognize your outfit... is that a striped maternity shirt that has appeared on your blog? And I think your dad still wears the same outfit?? ;) LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, very nice (but this blog needs updating, now, as some of us know).

Ruth at age five did a fine job of forecasting my fashion style 25 years later, indeed, green Dickies shirts--she certainly noticed there were two pockets in that shirt--as there still are in the later versions.

I'm glad in one way that Joseph seeks a high level of achievement. On the other hand it all our jobs to help him--and everybody else--to be comfortable in our worlds. Too much questing can be the hard enemy of attainment.

JG, I'm so glad you are such a good friend to RSB.